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CreditSuppliers isn't just a financial services company. What makes us a SaaS+ is that we provide a free, online platform in addition to supplying capital. The user portal allows you to manage, track, and access all kinds of project information.

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Portal Vocabulary

Total Available Job Credit

The total available job credit is the total amount of money CreditSuppliers has approved you for. This limit can be increased over time. From this limit you'll take pulls for specific jobs.


Within the portal, a job refers to a specific project you're working on. Each time you're working a new project, you'll create a new job in the system.

Job Credit Limit
Job Credit Limit (JCL)

A job credit limit is the amount determined to pull from total available job credit to allocate for a specific job.

Preliminary Notice

Many of you are familiar with your lien rights as a contractor and the process of sending preliminary notices for jobs. These notices are also referred to as a pre-lien. Our portal supports several steps in the pre-lien process.


When you see the term "task" in our portal, it refers to an activity that either needs to be completed on your end, or something that will be performed by a member of our staff. There are various indicators to keep you on track.

Active and Inactive
Active / Inactive

For the purpose of the portal, an active or inactive job refers to whether or not you are actively working on that job. When you complete a job, you will deactivate it.

Explore the Dashboard

Your dashboard is a snap shot of everything within your account. It gives a great overview of where your account stands as well as access to all your tasks and activities. Hover over the bubbles below to learn more about the different features of the dashboard.

Portal Dashboard
The total available job credit defines the maximum amount you have access to. In this box you get an up-to-date view on how much you are pulling and how much you have left. From here you can create a new job.
This box shows your most recent payment information. From here you can view all your payment history and all your billing history.
This box shows your current balance and tells you when your next payment is due. From here you can make a payment.
This box shows all of your active tasks including the current status of each. The icons on the left indicate whether or not action is required on your part.
This box is a list of all your active jobs. This includes The approved credit limits and how much you have left for each project.

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Other Features

The portal goes way beyond your dashboard. Every section is equipped with search tools that allow you to pull data from date ranges and other criteria. Everything is straightforward and user-friendly. Also, support staff is just a phone call away and we'll happily assist you with anything on our site.

Job Center
Job Center

In the job center you can setup new jobs, manage your active jobs, view summaries of all your jobs, and access all your invoice history.


In the payments tab you can view a history of all your billing and payment information to-date. Everything stays organized when you have every date and detail.

Prelien Center
Prelien Center

From our prelien center you can view all previous preliens (starting from the date you begin using our platform), amend preliens, and even request a new one!