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On projects that are supply intensive we get a 2–5 % discount, which is huge in our industry. It's just unheard of, but when you pay so quickly, the suppliers are happy to provide it.
Sharon, CFO

You guys have made the process simple. We've used other finance companies in the past and it's very difficult to get approved and even once you're approved it's very tedious.

Working with CreditSuppliers is great. Everyone is easy to work with. Anytime I've ever needed help I've always gotten an immediate answer and everyone is so easy and helpful. It's like no one ever has a bad day over there!

Libby, Controller

We are very happy with CreditSuppliers. As far as handling the payments, it has worked out great for us!

CreditSuppliers did exactly what they said they were going to do, which we don't always get with the average customer.

Got paid in full, and fast. Works for me!

Markus, Supplier
CreditSuppliers has helped us to leverage discounts with our vendors, by being able to pay earlier than we would have if we had to wait for our clients to pay us, which could be anywhere from 45 to 60 days.
Valerie, Account Manager

Most of us [contractors] float significant costs on projects, all while we wait for payments from other parties. Most times the companies we're waiting on are also in tough spots where they are forced to make decisions on which invoices they can pay on time. Figuring out which bills to pay is difficult.

CreditSuppliers is ingenious - you pay my supply invoice up front and I use my money to do the things that I've been neglecting. Not to mention that my supplier gives a discount for fast-payers; I've just never been one!

Tim, Metal Shop Owner
Working with Mike and Lori has been great. The application and approval process was painless and fast.
Natalie, Customer

Received the best possible service!

An awesome company, good for people who don't have much money to run a start-up business, all in all, awesome rate, solutions, and customer service center!

Deborah, Customer