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No Merchant Fees
No Merchant Fees

The best part about working with CreditSuppliers? We charge no merchant fees! You enjoy the benefits of being paid in a timely manner without any commitment.

Refer Your Customers
Referral Programs

Do you have contractors you'd like to refer to us? You may qualify for one of our incentivized referral programs.

Get Paid And Grow Your Business
Earn and Grow

We want to help you grow your business by saving you time and money on extending credit. We're in the business of supporting the construction industry, this includes suppliers!

How Will This Affect Business?

Working with CreditSuppliers won't disrupt or change anything about how you operate as a supplier. We make it a smooth and simple process and help you reap all these benefits. Contractors who use CreditSuppliers will quickly become your favorite customers!

Lower Your DSO
Lower Your DSO

Did you know that by reducing your Days Sales Outstanding you can significantly increase your bottom line? Save money on the interest owed by carrying credit balances.

Save Money
Save Money

Attorneys, preliminary notices, collections agencies--these things add up! Avoid all these extra expenses by allowing CreditSuppliers to take care of the invoice.

More Cash for Your Customers
More Cash for Your Customers

CreditSuppliers has the ability to approve a higher master credit limit for contractors than most individual suppliers feel comfortable with. This means they have access to more money to spend with you!

No More Late Payments
No More Late Payments

Can you imagine? Never having to send a payment reminder or assess a late fee? With CreditSuppliers you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the fact that you'll be paid, in full, in 10 days or less. It's a good feeling.

Better Relationships
Better Relationships

Any time finances are involved, things can get tense. Eliminate the headache of pestering your customers for payments and focus on building strong relationships. We'll take care of the rest.

Reduce Debt Exposure
Reduce Bad Debt Exposure

The two main goals of a credit manager are to increase revenues and reduce bad debt exposure. You guessed it, CreditSuppliers helps accomplish BOTH of these goals. Win!

Less Paperwork
Less Paperwork, More Time

Underwriting, tracking credit accounts, etc. etc. Cut down on all the backend time and paperwork when your customers use CreditSuppliers.

No Delinquent Accounts
No Delinquencies or Defaults

We're not kidding, no need to worry about an account going into default when you were paid months ago by CreditSuppliers!


Customer Feedback

"We got paid in full, and fast. Works for me!"

- Markus, Supplier Read More

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