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Benefits of Trade Credit

We Give You More Time

CreditSuppliers saves you time AND gives you time. Save time by automating cashflow management and having online access to invoices, preliminary notice information, and more. Take more time on the payback process. The pressure of a 30-day due date is taken off with generous payback terms giving you up to 90 days to pay down your invoices.

We Provide Project Funding

The most obvious benefit of using CreditSuppliers is access to materials funding! In addition to capital for your materials purchases, you have the negotiating power to leverage net-10 discounts of 2-5% with your suppliers. Also, you open the door to taking on more projects: more work=more profits. See our case study.

We Help You Grow Your Business

CreditSuppliers is in the business of helping construction companies propel exponential growth. There is no telling what you could do by using resources from CreditSuppliers to strategically grow your business. Take on more jobs, invest in new equipment, hire more workers, the sky is the limit! One of our clients increased their annual revenues by 50% in just 9 months of using CreditSuppliers.

90 Day Terms

90 day terms gives you greater flexibility and an improved cashflow allowing you: upfront material funding and net 10 negotiating power.


Dedicated staff members are here to help you through every step of the process. You'll always have access to friendly and knowledgeable support staff.

24/7 Online Portal Access

Our online platform gives you round-the-clock access to all your account information and job activities. Hop on any time day or night, the internet never closes.

Transparent Rates and Terms

Our trade credit funds are project-based.
Each invoice on a project has a payback term of up to 90 days. Each invoice is charged a 1.5% transaction fee and your outstanding balance will carry a monthly interest rate as low as 1.5%. There are no other account, hidden, or surprise fees and no penalty for early pay-off.

No Hidden Fees

No Surprises

Transaction Fee

Each Invoice

Monthly Interest

Starting Rate

Repayment Terms

Maximum Days


Type of Business

Your company must be a registered business so, currently, we can't accept sole proprietorships.


Your company must be in good standing with the state (i.e. your entity is current with the filing requirements of your jurisdiction's secretary of state).


Depending on your state's requirements, you may be required to be licensed.

Supplier References

Our application requires 3 supplier references, including the highest credit limit you have with each.

Online Platform

Since it's inception in September of 2014, our platform has been perfected daily by our product development team who we refer to endearingly as "the nerds". They work tirelessly to make our portal a seamless, user-friendly platform that provides a central location for all your CreditSuppliers activities. Your dashboard includes:

  • Account Overview
  • Activity Shortcuts
  • Task Summary
  • Active Job Summary
  • And much more...
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